Welcome to the special side for sock knitters.

Wollmarkt Rüfer since 1986 known for quality, choice and low prices.


This page is no longer updated, please order no longer here.
Our current product range with many new products You will find under the following adress: 

We offer You a big range in sock wool for really very low price.

  • 2 ply Gauge Yarn
  • 3 ply Sock Wool from Regia
  • 4 ply Sock Wool in 100 gr. skins for very low price from many different brands.
  • 6 ply Sock Wool in 150 gr. skins.
  • Sock Yarn with Silk
  • Sock Yarn with Bamboo
  • Sock Wool with Aloe Vera
  • Sock Wool with Cotton, and many more.